My Second Book

This December, Westminster John Knox will publish my second book, Holy Solitude: Lenten Reflections with Saints, Hermits, Prophets, and Rebels! The manuscript is currently in the editing process, but I thought I’d share with you a glimpse of the Table of Contents, which is still liable to change a bit but is basically intact.

If you have any questions or are thinking of using my book for your church’s Lenten study in 2018, do let me know. Thanks for reading!


Preparing for Lent

For Fasting

For Almsgiving

For Your Calendar

At Home

The Devotions

First Days of Lent

Ash Wednesday: The Inner Room

Ash Thursday: The Wilderness

Ash Friday, A Fast Day: Thirst

Ash Saturday Almsgiving: Congregations

Week 1: Solitude and Silence

Sunday: Listen to Silence

Monday: Elijah on Mt. Horeb

Tuesday: Mary the Theotokos

Wednesday: When God is Silent

Thursday: Catherine Doherty and the Poustinia

Friday, A Fast Day: Silence

Saturday Almsgiving: Conservation

Week 2: Solitude and Struggle

Sunday: Endure Yourself

Monday: Antony the Great

Tuesday: Hagar of Egypt

Wednesday: Saul at Damascus

Thursday: Francis of Assisi

Friday, A Fast Day: No Pain, No Gain?

Saturday Almsgiving: Illness

Week 3: Solitude and Journeys

Sunday: Go For a Walk

Monday: Jesus Left the Crowds

Tuesday: The Coracle Monks

Wednesday: Mary of Egypt

Thursday: Jonah in the Fish

Friday, A Fast Day: Boredom

Saturday Almsgiving: Refugees

Week 4: Solitude and Hospitality

Sunday: Welcome Guests

Monday: Benedict of Nursia

Tuesday: Julian of Norwich

Wednesday: Moses Wears a Veil

Thursday: Anna the Prophet

Friday, A Fast Day: Hunger

Saturday Almsgiving: Food for the Hungry

Week 5: Solitude and Resistance

Sunday: Jesus Withdrew

Monday: John the Baptist

Tuesday: Catherine of Siena

Wednesday: Howard Thurman

Thursday: Charles de Foucauld

Friday, A Fast Day: Poverty

Saturday Almsgiving: Justice

Holy Week: Solitude and Confinement

Sunday: Imprisonment

Monday: Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Tuesday: John of Patmos

Wednesday: Solitary Confinement

Maundy Thursday: Alone Together

Good Friday, A Fast Day: Behold the Cross

Holy Saturday Almsgiving: Captives

Easter Sunday: Mary Magdalene at the Tomb


Ways to Pray in Solitude


Easy Little Bread

Red Easter Eggs

Further Reading


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