New Book!

My new book, Everyday Connections: Reflections and Practices for Year A is out!

Would you like a free, signed bookplate? If you have ordered a copy from your favorite retailer, or plan to do so — i.e. with Westminster John Knox Press // The Thoughtful Christian // Bookshop // or Amazon — and you would like a specially designed bookplate, signed by me to stick in the front pages, fill out this form and I’ll mail you one for free. In fact, I’ll send you two – you can give one to a friend or put it inside another of my books, as you like.

Free Signed Bookplate

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Heidi Haverkamp is a writer, spiritual director, and Episcopal priest. In 2019, she won two awards from the Church Associated Press for her article “How I learned to love the doctrine of total depravity” in The Christian Century. Previous books include Everyday Connections: Reflections and Practices for Year C, Advent in Narnia (2015) and Holy Solitude (2017). She received her M.Div. from The University of Chicago Divinity School in 2006. She writes an occasional newsletter, Letters from a Part-time Hermit. She grew up in Chicago and now lives in Indianapolis with her husband.